Bankruptcy law protects both debtors and creditors. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, or if you you are a creditor having trouble collecting on a debt, the experienced attorneys at Hershon Law can clearly explain your options and help you choose a course of action.

What You Should Know About Bankruptcy

A bankruptcy is a petition filed in federal Bankruptcy Court which might have the effect of discharging a person’s debts (as in Chapter 7 bankruptcy) or reorganizing a person’s debts (as in Chapter 13 bankruptcy) for repayment in three or five years.

Hershon Law has extensive experience litigating bankruptcy, insolvency, receivership and liquidation proceedings including mediation, arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution. The firm is also involved in the prosecution of creditors’ interests and claims in bankruptcy and other insolvency proceedings that include commercial collection matters. We can also assist investors in their acquisition of assets, debt and equity positions from bankruptcy estates.

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